Our education system.

Some of us have childhood Passions

As a child all of us have something special, we do stuff that fascinates and inspires us and makes us feel exceptionally happy. As we grow older and start our official education, we are given some choices, some subjects, which are introduced to us like that of – Maths, science, english, 2nd lang, social science and so on. Most of us hate going school and studying because we don’t get to learn what we want to learn. The education system introduces us to subjects which only a small proportion of us like. But start realizing that most people around us have done a course or two based on these subjects. So we start feeling the unexpressed pressure of doing good in these handful subjects and we forget about our passion, and start finding our happiness in all these subjects introduced to us. Some of us do start loving a subject or two but most of us try to fit in because there is an unspoken message given to us by our parents, teachers and the society we’re a part of, “If you wanna survive in this society then you need to choose and find your passion in these subjects.”

Because of the vast pressure on our shoulders three things happen- the first is that, either we adapt ourselves in the way the society requires us to and forget about our passion or we don’t really know about our passion and go with the flow till we find it; We get into depression for not being contented and fulfilled in life because we’re not pursuing our passion; or we stop caring about the society and start working towards our goal, regardless of what people say.

  • Most people try and succeed in adapting themselves as the society wants them to be and in this process they forget their passion as a child, they do feel discontent even after being successful according to the society, for the definition of success for every individual should ideally be what makes him/her happy and satisfied; this happens because over the course of time they started subconsciously believing in the bullshit of society and forgot about their actual passion in the process and now they know that something is missing but they can’t be sure of what it is. That’s the reason why this category of people try new stuff to know remember what is their passion. They might forget what it is but they will always remember the feel of it. The people who don’t really know what their passion is and are willing to go with the flow till they find their passion are in a similar condition
  • The second category of people know about their passion and have somehow, even after the vast pressure of the society, managed to remember their passion but are devastated because they’re not able to pursue their passion because of various reasons. These people are constantly reminded that they will have no respect in society and will always remain jobless if they don’t pursue any of these fields. Now some of these people get depressed because they aren’t able to find fulfilment
  • Others are the ones who don’t really care, they are the real heros.

These are the people who are always successful in life. Why? Because they didn’t care. They didn’t care about the marks or grades they get. They didn’t care about the bullshit advice people give for the survival in this world. But hey! We’re not here to survive, we’re here to live. But be completely honest and ask yourselves, “Am I actually living my life? Am I happy? Or am I merely surviving in this world?”

If y’all read my last post – The answer to all life problems, Then you know how to be completely honest with yourselves and are probably trying it as well. Seek answers to all these questions and make efforts to change your lives by doing something you love instead of letting our education system and assholes of the society make you their puppet by forcing you to do what they want you to do.

Some of us haven’t come across our passion till date.

Now it’s not important for you to have passion since your birth. Maybe you don’t even know that the thing that you’re made for really exists or not. Well then in this case asking yourself won’t get any answers out of you because you don’t even know what the passion is. It may be possible that you haven’t even heard the name of the thing that you are destined to do. The only way you can find your passion is by discovering. There are a hell lot of professions, and since you have no idea as to which field your passion might be related to, so Instead of trying all of them, try the fields which you think might be interesting to try. Then make a list of these fields and read books on them, conversate with people in that field, and get an rough idea of the kind of effort that is required for excelling in this particular and the kind of life you will be living if you opt for this option. The thing that most people forget is checking and figuring that how will they work on their passion to earn money and show the world what they can give back to the world to make an impact.

The basics

What I just explained above might be familiar to some of you. People aren’t able to know what passion is even after knowing how to discover it, because they forget the basics. What are the basics? Well basics is the internal acceptance. We do agree many a times on a new concept but are we willing to risk it? For instance I was criticising the education system and complaining on how it forces us to not be multi talented and have a single minded focus, and my mother was humming in response then after I stopped talking, she finally looked up and said “You’ve already taken a long break, go study, show some seriousness this year atleast” I was gaping and looking at her in shock, I mean she agreed to me about the shortcomings of our education system and then she just said something she was disagreeing on. Now this shows that we all love these ideas when we hear them and like sharing our knowledge and criticism but when it actually comes to changing then we’re not ready for changing. Why? Because these values and stereotypes have developed deep inside and is so dense that we may agree to new stuff but it’s very difficult to forget the old stereotypes that we’ve got in our head.

Your vision is yours.

In this case, no one can help change a mindset of a person other than his/her will to change themselves. That’s why when people who are old don’t understand what we want to say and don’t look at the world the way we do, then we needn’t be disappointed and ignore their point of view and do as our conscious asks for us to. It’s sometimes difficult to ignore the elders in my culture then the only thing which I personally do, is try to make my point clear but when it’s not working and I feel like I’m losing the argument then, I just nod and consider their option but really do what I think, what my conscious says. What will happen at most? I’ll fail? Well I personally don’t care if my decisions lead to my failure because as I said in Are you ready to fail , failure only helps us succeed and when we’re talking about our passion then accepting others point of view is not worth is, I mean, it’s your vision, it’s not your family’s or friends’ vision so that’s why you shouldn’t try very hard to explain yourself and your point of view after knowing your passion and having a vision, because god didn’t give them your vision, your vision is yours so don’t unnecessarily stress yourselves if people don’t get what you’re saying and criticise you for your vision and passion in life.

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  1. Wow !
    You’ve written this so amazingly . Each point is valid & perfect.

    I hope many people get to read this 😊❀

    Keep writing 😊❀

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks a ton😏

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      1. You’re welcome 😊

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  2. Kranti says:

    Amazing and thoughtful post dear!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks. People like you inspire me to keep writingπŸ˜€

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  3. optimisticsoul7373 says:

    Awesome post !

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  4. Amazing post. Certainly our education system requires a complete transformation.

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    1. Arushi says:

      Yeah I totally agree


  5. Vanshika K. says:

    These are the supressed feelings of every student.

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    1. Arushi says:

      I know right? Just wanted to voice my opinion. Glad you agree bruh

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  6. God says:

    I too am from India and You have observed some nitty-gritty details and have translated your thoughts very well which is no doubt amazing.
    You missed some important psychological points that numb us in schools though.
    My next post is going to cover that.
    Again, very well written!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks a ton πŸ˜„

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