How we learn – Book Review

Book: How we Learn

Author: Benedict Carey

Ratings (My Pov.)- 5/5

About the book

In this book Carey briefs us some learning tips. He says that whenever we are preparing for any sort of exam we should match our surroundings to the exam centre as much as we can. He also tells that instead of learning and studying for 10 hours in one day. If you study for 2 hours, for 5 days, you’ll certainly see some improvement in your score. Carey says that we must revise anything we learnt frequently according to the time left with us. He mentions that there is a certain way of learning subjects like maths and other subjects like English, history.

My point of view:

I think that this book is a must read for students of even professionals who need to learn new things everyday. It’s a book which is based on research and the discoveries of scientists and psychologists are mentioned as well, so it can be trusted. This book did make me somewhat confident and I think that after reading this book no one will need to look for study tips on Google or YouTube. Carey is very careful in addressing the readers with adequate evidence to each of his learning tips. In fact, if seriously followed, this book can be a life changer for people who’re trying to learn some sort of language or people who need to sharpen their mental skills. This book, though contains certain scientific terms, yet it’s totally worth it and any normal person above 15 can understand the stuff written.

The best part of this book is that it challenges us to question our methods and makes us consider new ones which are mostly contradictory to the ones we use.

Thank you

( I’m sorry guys I don’t have the book with me currently with me so I couldn’t post the pic of the book)

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    Hi, your blog is amazing! I have nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award.

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks buddy💝💝💝

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      1. Alisha says:

        You’re most welcome!

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