How can your problems improve your personality?

Now before y’all start abusing me and saying that I have no idea about how frustrating it gets when you’re showered with problems, one after the other; I want you all to know that I have seen people who’re stuck, I’ve seen people who’re frustrated, I’ve seen very goddamn closely how impatience and bottled up anger looks like. So I can assure you that I do know a hell lot about this particular topic.
When you’re upset and think that you’re completely stuck, when anything and everything else in your life seems to be irrelevant and trivial and the only goal you have is to find a way out of the hell of a life that you’re living, then you get frustrated. I know this kind of feeling. I’ve never personally experienced it but a person close to me has, so trust me when I say that this has a positive effect on your personality as a whole.
  • Well when you’re struggling and direction less then it’s so important to maintain your cool while everything shitty is happening to you. If you lose your calmness then you’ll end up more hurt than before. How is this beneficial? It makes you more tolerant and this is a golden quality. Many people lose opportunities in their life because they’re not tolerant enough. This will help you understand when you need to fight back and when you need to calm your nerves.
  • Besides being calm, you’re more self reliant and know how to strive ahead of everyone without any help in life. You’ve become more self confident and take pride in fighting your struggles.
  • The most important self development tool that comes with struggles and frustation is eemotional regulation. You can now contain your energy and are emotionally very strong. You will no longer feel the need to shed tears at trivial things. I’m not saying that shedding tears is wrong. But we shed tears only when were not happy. And that’s what will change. Now, once you’ve had your tough times in life, you’d want to find happiness in the smallest of things. You’ll start to cherish the happy moments that come by your way. Why? Well because you now know the importance of happiness and smooth sailing in your life. So the feeling of gratitude will find it’s way to your heart.
  • Frustration gives rise to innovation. Why? When you’re frustrated and have no idea how to find the solution to your problems, you’ll start creating ways to get out of those problems in which you’re stuck. This will lead to enhancing your brain’s ability to be more innovative and creative which will help you in your life ahead. How? It will help you by making you see the things the loopholes that general people don’t recognise. Being different is the new trend. And being innovative will only help you stand out and make yourself visible to thousands of people.
I’ll give you a few examples so that you don’t think I’m just bluffing😉
If you have problems with your parents then you’ll either confide more in your friends or keep your problems to yourself. How can this enhance your personality? Well now you do know what I child craves for and as a parent or a godparent or even a guardian, you’ll be able to give all of what you didn’t have to your kids.
Besides this, if you have problems at workplace, you don’t enjoy your time out there and seek to do something that you love but can’t give up on your current job because it pays your bills then you’ll surely get frustrated. Now how on earth can a hellish thing like this help you? Well, I must tell you that you find your passion when you do something you hate passionately. It’s mostly, us doing stuff that gives us happiness and content which leads to the realization about what we should be doing and what actually makes us want to wake up every single day!
Another example can be having boyfriend or girlfriend problems. The only reason why all of your relationships fail is because you always fall for a particular kind of guy/girl and then whine about not having a real “thing” with anyone. But still, how will this one help you? Well it helps you in two ways, first, it makes you fall in love with yourself which is very important if you want to strive ahead in life. Loving yourself is so important yet none of pur teachers, mentors and parents talk about it. I’ll shortly write an article about the ways in which loving yourself can help you. Other than this having failed relationships can help you by indicating the kind of guys/girls you shouldn’t be with. If instead of going out with the same kind of guys/girls, you try dating different kinds of people then you’ll sure as hell find the “one” at some point. And if you don’t then just do know that you’re so awesome that no one else can satisfy you but yourself.
Now I know most of you must be thinking, easier said than done. But trust me I’ve seen drastic changes in people who’ve had some sorts of drastic problems in their lives. You might disagree with me if you’re still in the middle of some problem because, well no one appreciates problems. But once you’re back to your normal life, you’ll realize how right I am and how immensely have these problems helped you to enhance your personality to the level where only experience can get you.

Thank you!

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  1. DyanStorm says:

    Well I think the create awareness to where you stand and not while probably opening more doors to channel all the pain you have

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    1. Arushi says:

      You’re completely right. But all I wanted to convey was that problems are a part of life and your life, your personality, your individualism are all to some extent dependent on how you deal with different situations in life

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      1. DyanStorm says:

        Your work is amazing most of it caught my eye well

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Arushi says:

        Thanks a ton! You have no idea how much this one comment means to me

        Liked by 1 person

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